WESSLING European company and its office in the Russian Federation

About us

"WESSLING Laboratorien" OOO is the official mission of German WESSLING holding company in Russia. It is the only European laboratory at the domestic market that has own laboratory facilities.

The Russian office has:

  • the accreditation to the technical competence and technological independence within the public standard ISO/IEC 17025 system by the Federal Accreditation Service;
  • the license to work with the risk groups 3 and 4 of pathogenicity causative agents;

WESSLING company was established in 1983. Today it is a market-leading company in the laboratory and trial services accomplishment; engineering and technical consultations. Experts in more than 40 professional groups are experienced in various areas.

At the moment we offer our highly skilled services in 9 countries of the world: Germany, France, Italy, Hungary, Poland, Rumania, Switzerland, China and Russia.

Our guiding principles

  • The quality and reliability of the results.
    All the staff members regularly participate in the intermediate and interlaboratory accuracy check, reproducibility of results, including the interlaboratory comparisons.
  • The competence and complete professionalism of experts.
    Our staff members are experts. They take the course of advanced studies held by the competent government agency every year.
    "WESSLING Laboratorien" OOO strictly adhere the international standards of the laboratory routine. So the staff develop their skills steadily by taking parts in the international seminars and trainings. Also they increase the number of the conducted researches. 
  • The shortest time of the results interpretation.
    All the researches are conducted with modern high-tech equipment. Most test steps are automated. It allows us to interpret the results in the shortest time and with the high reliability.

Quality control

License and accreditation of WESSLING laboratories worldwide in various accrediting organizations - is worldwide recognition of the professionalism and quality of the test results. Wessling laboratory is being regularly audited by external experts and constantly expand the scope of its activities.

A guide through the laboratories. Equipment, departments, methods used: