Microbiological Laboratory

The Microbiological Laboratory of WESSLING in Moscow contains all the required equipment, modern diagnostic test-systems, cultures of collection strains and reagents. We perform all the work on our own, i.e. without the involvement of subcontractors.

The Microbiological Laboratory of WESSLING is divided into three zones:

1. Working area

Microbiological laboratory analysis

Employees pass a sanitary inspection zone including shower and removable protective clothing before entering the working area. Samples are accepted and registered in a special window. The microbiological laboratory contains all the equipment required for the accurate weighing, milling and homogenisation of samples, centrifugation, microscopy and counting of colonies of microorganisms.

A separate room with seven thermostats allows us to maintain the temperature modes of a wide spectrum of microorganisms for optimal growth.

Following the corporate requirements for the organisation and quality control of activities within WESSLING Holding, we use only sterile, disposable materials in our laboratories.

2. Autoclave area

Area for collection and decontamination of used materials, utensil, instruments and waste
Areas for the collection and decontamination of used materials, utensils, instruments and waste with use of horizontal autoclaves. In this room the protective clothing of our employees is regularly processed.

During our researches we only use water that was subjected to a multilevel system of purification by using a special water-treatment plant. The quality of this water is regularly monitored by our specialists.

3. Clean area

This area serves the preparation of nutrient mediums and therefore has equipment for washing and sterilising and dry nutrient mediums for storage. These mediums are then used for the cultivation of microorganisms.

Efficient work and reliable results requires the strict control of incoming raw materials. We strictly follow corporate quality requirements for nutrient mediums, so we use microbiological mediums of approved foreign manufacturers.