WESSLING consulting service in Russia


WESSLING in Russia provides a full range of consulting services aimed at supporting customers before and after laboratory tests. We take care of the registration of required documents and permissions so that your product can enter the market, and you can start selling or importing it in Russia, and begin the production process and commissioning the facilities. 

The consulting services of WESSLING in Russia include: 

  • support to obtain permission documents required for releasing the product;
  • involvement of European Wessling experts if there is need on specific plant's audits;
  • control of parameter’s limited value according with both Russian and European legislation;
  • label check of products according with TR CU 024/2011 (product labelling);
  • risk assessment of product contamination at the entity; 
  • comprehensive advice on issue of exporting and importing of goods.
  • site visits to ensure the proper sampling.

WESSLING Quality seal

In terms of cooperation in the sphere of product quality control, we provide a right to place Wessling Quality seal on product’s label which serves as guarantee that the product has been tested for compliance with all local requirements and is safe for human health and the environmental.

Thus we ensure the quality control of products and suppliers of raw materials.